The Denton Realty Company offers acquisition and development consulting to hospitality and commercial real estate investors. Ed Denton has significant experience with site selection, underwriting, contract negotiation, franchise licensing, joint venture structuring and real estate financing.


    A&D Services

    • Market Analysis / Site Selection
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Underwriting Analysis
    • Due Diligence Review
    • Partnership Structuring
    • Equity / Debt Consulting
    • Buyer Broker Representation

    Property Types

    • Lodging / Hospitality
    • Commercial
    • Multifamily
    • Self Storage
    • Investment Residential

    Case Studies


    Working with a private equity investment firm, Mr. Denton sourced a portfolio of five nationally franchised, upscale hotel properties spread across three states.  Mr. Denton negotiated the purchase terms with the seller, underwrote the portfolio, negotiated franchise terms and assisted with securing a joint-venture partner and lender for this $68,500,000 transaction.  In cooperation with the operations team, franchisors, attorneys and equity and debt partners, Mr. Denton orchestrated the simultaneous multi-state closing under a private REIT structure.




    Working with a private real estate development firm, Mr. Denton identified and underwrote multiple self-storage ground-up developments. His efforts included site selection, land purchase negotiation, competitive market analysis, pro-forma preparation and compilation of investment reports.  Multiple projects were initiated under his direction.